Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Week of Firsts...

Sooooo, the past month has been very traumatic for mommy! Harvey, at 6 3/4 months, decided "I'm tired of being a baby and lying down and sitting still". Around 6 months old he was able to sit without support and started pushing up on his hands and knees, sometimes hands and feet, but didn't look close to moving! Well, the last week in July is when it all took started. Early in the week, I watched Harvey on his video monitor roll around in the bed until he managed to sit up all by himself! He was so proud :) Later that week, on Friday, after he woke up from his nap at RoRo's, he sat up in the bed, grabbed the rails on the side, and stood himself up, as if to say, "ok, you can get me out of here now. I'm all done napping!" Then, on Saturday we went to Oxford for a short getaway with friends (see pics below). Sitting on the floor in the living room of the Pettits house, with all the other chilens, he saw a bright yellow block that he wanted to gnaw on (if you know Harvey you know everything goes into the mouth) and he took off crawling to get it! It was only a couple of "knee steps" away, so in order to see if he realized what he could now do, Chipper politely took the block away and put it a little further across the floor. Apparently it still looked yummy and he took off again. This continued for several minutes...we couldn't decide if it was cruel or not but it was hilarious! Right after that Harvey crawled back to the other side of the room, picked up his bottle he had not finished and rolled over and fed himself! So in 1 week, he sat up by himself, pulled up by himself, and crawled. Needless to say, it was a very traumatic week for me!!!
Needless to say, now he is pulling up on everything, and he has gotten several bumps on the head because of it, but he's a tough little fella! It took him a few days at home to realize what this new mobility would allow, but he is in full force now. You cannot leave the room! His favorite things are cords (especially around the TV) and shoes. For some reason he is obsessed with feet and shoes, not just playing with them, he wants to eat them of course! He will crawl over to you feet in flip flops and bend down to try to eat your toes! It's hilarious. And he can find a pair of shoes hidden anywhere from the knees down! So since we usually take our shoes off right inside the door, we've had to make some adjustments! Trying to teach a 7 month old the word no-no is not an easy task, and I have him playing, standing, and crawling around....I'll add a couple of videos when my internet allows (so slow lately)!

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